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Hey! I'm Jessica.

I've been obsessed with taking photos for as long as I can remember. I still remember the moment on a family vacation when I took my first, intentional "documentary" style photograph (Ok, I actually made my brother pose to look that way, but still.), and I freaked. out. I may or may not have proceeded to drive my younger brothers insane with "Ok, now sit closer together and look over there-NO, DON'T LOOK AT MY CAMERA LOOK OVER THERE." But they still love me, so it's fine.

In the years since then, my photographic journey has taken many turns and detours, but overall the driving force behind my photographic passion has remained the same: My mission is to help people document their unique life stories, and help them see how beautiful and valuable they truly are by seeing themselves the way others see them.

I would love to help you and your family start preserving the pieces of your life that pass by all too quickly. Contact me today to start planning how we will tell your story!

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